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Over 1000 women are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year in Wales. Gynaecological cancers affect the female reproductive tract, most frequently the ovaries, the womb or the cervix.

Gynaecological cancers can affect women of every age and from every walk of life. Despite advances in recent years, with more women surviving longer, gynaecological cancers remain a significant health problem for many women.

An area the staff at Velindre Cancer Centre are focusing on is chemotherapy, and research is crucial as a way of identifying new treatments. We are reviewing the anti-sickness treatments we offer through a research project looking specifically at gynaecological patients. Often, local research projects can be undertaken during study for a higher university degree. By supporting staff in the Aphrodite Appeal, we are not only improving our service but also equipping staff with the knowledge and skills they require to undertake further projects.

Velindre has been amazing. What a lovely hospital! Everybody there, from the doctors, the nurses in chemo and phlebotomy to the receptionists, they’re all wonderful. I was petrified going there but now I look forward to it because everybody is so friendly. I honestly cannot praise the NHS enough. You hear so many bad stories but my experience has been incredible. If you paid for it you wouldn’t get a better service! Now I want to raise as much money as I can for Velindre’s Aphrodite Appeal to simply say thank you.”

Vicky Rees

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