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Robert and Gemma’s Story

“Our father, Allan, was taken seriously ill in December 2022 where he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. In the first week of January 2023, he got his prognosis from the oncologist that it was already stage 4 and he sadly passed away later that week. He was already too far gone to receive any treatment for his condition, though as a family, we were keen to do something for a cancer charity and happened upon the Velindre Hospital Patagonia challenge after a friend sent me a link that Shane Williams had posted on Twitter.

The last year has been very difficult to process, so taking on a challenge like this felt like a great way to channel our feelings in a positive way, helping our own mental health whilst simultaneously doing something for a great cause.

Our connection with Velindre is a relatively new one, borne out of this challenge and a desire to do something meaningful for a cancer charity in Wales. We were aware of Velindre hospital, as an Aunt of ours did receive treatment for a tumour on her brain there a few years ago, but this will be the first time we have actively participated in fundraising activities for the hospital.”

In November 2025, my sister and I embark on a journey that treads the  line between adventure and homage. This is not merely a trek; it’s a pilgrimage of hope, memory, and commitment. We are taking part in the Velindre Hospital Charity Patagonia Trek, led by the inspiring Shane Williams, to raise vital funds for a beacon of hope that shines for so many during their darkest times.

Our motivation is deeply personal. Last year, we lost our father to pancreatic cancer. Though he never made it to Velindre, we’ve been touched by the stories of those who found solace and strength within the walls of Velindre Hospital. It’s a place where battles are fought with compassion, where every day, lives are changed, and where hope is not just a word but an action.

The trek itself is a homage to resilience, following in the footsteps of Welsh settlers who journeyed to Patagonia 160 years ago. Their spirit of adventure, determination, and hope mirrors our own aspirations as we embark on this challenge. We aim to channel their enduring spirit as we navigate the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, with each step representing a stride towards making a difference.

Over the next year, leading up to our trek, we plan to engage in several initiatives to raise funds for Velindre Hospital. From local events to online campaigns, every effort will contribute to a cause that offers so much to those facing cancer. This journey is for our father, for the friends we know battling their own fights, and for the countless individuals Velindre supports.

We invite you to join us in this journey of hope and help us support Velindre Hospital. Your donations will not only fuel our steps across the rugged beauty of Patagonia but also empower the hospital to continue being a sanctuary of hope and healing. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those battling cancer, one step at a time.

With heartfelt thanks,

Robert and Gemma Moses

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