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We are very fortunate to receive fantastic support from a huge number of people.

To recognise this extraordinary support and commitment over the last few years we have appointed a number of special Velindre Ambassadors who now number over 60. Their willingness to support, help and promote Velindre is hugely appreciated, and our Ambassadors help make a huge difference.

Here's what they say:

We held our first Charity Dinner in aid of Velindre in March 2010 as a one off event. It was such a success we decided to do it again and here we are with our 5th dinner. We never forget that our aim is to raise funds for Velindre. As we have lost loved ones to cancer and also seen treatments triumph against the odds, but while doing this we all have a great time too!

Janet & Neil Ballard


Like so many others I’ve experienced the loss of those closest to me to cancer, and I know all too well, the importance of care that goes above and beyond the call of duty in comforting the patients as well as their loved ones during what is a horrific time. My focus after the loss of my parents was to fundraise for a charity that really makes a difference. Velindre has saved the lives and currently treats several friends of mine. It is almost impossible to go anywhere in South Wales and not meet people whose lives have been touched by this powerhouse of treatment, pioneering research and overwhelming care. I know that every penny I raise is going to the front line defence of cancer. An older man approached me whilst I was fundraising prior to Dragonrun1027. His words sum up Velindre to me . . . “My wife was treated at Velindre until she passed recently. Every time I walked in to that hospital to see her, I was surrounded by family I didn’t know I had. They really care, and knowing that helps me carry on”.

Anne Marie (Arry) Cain


Everyone I have ever met associated with Velindre whether it’s the professional staff or the fundraising team has an infectious enthusiasm supporting Velindre and everything it represents – it’s such a great cause and it’s been amazing fun climbing and cycling helping to raise funds.

Paul Guy


Our current Ambassadors are:

Alan Petersen
Alun Collins
Alun Wyn Bevan
Andy Booth
Andy Martin
Anne Wigley
Arry Bersford Webb
Caroline Hole
Cheryl Hicks
Chris Davies
Derek Brockway
Elizabeth Sullivan
Esther Hitchcock
Fiona Phillips
Gareth Way
Geoff Graham
Gethin Jenkins
Heidi Morris
Howard Wood

Huw Llywelyn Davies
Huw Rodgers
Huw Williams Jones
Hywel Petersen
James Osgood
Janet Ballard
Janey Howell
Jane Griffiths
John Karamouzis
John Southcombe
Julian Hitchcock
Julian Kelly
Julian Lewis Jones
Lee Williams
Lisa Karamouzis
Lydia Hall
Madeliene Brindley
Maggie Petersen
Mair ap Gruffydd
Marianne England
Mark Hazell  

Neil Ballard
Neil Williams
Nigel England
Paul Guy
Peter Knight
Rachael Maguire
Richard Pask
Rob Holwey
Robert Croft
Sarah Sinclair
Sean Holley
Sian Lloyd
Simon Ford
Steve Jones
Steve Sullivan
Tracey Davies
Trevor Isaac
Wayne Griffiths
Wayne Phillips
Yvonne Evans