Great Wall of China Trek 2022

07 May 2022 - 15 May 2022 China

We’re delighted to announce that our wonderful Patron, Rhod Gilbert will be leading his fifth overseas trek for Velindre Fundraising in 2022 by taking us to China!

“I am proud to be leading another trek on behalf of Velindre Cancer Centre…

I thought after 4 treks cancer would have backed off, but apparently it hasn’t, so I’m going again.  I’m not sure if it’s true, but apparently you can see the Great Wall of China from space…but why go to all that trouble? Far simpler to join me on this once in a lifetime trek and see the thing close up?

(PS I have no plans to lead any walks to space, so this is your best chance to see it).”

Experience the most astounding chain of castles to be found anywhere on earth by trekking along a part of The Great Wall of China. China is a land of towering mountains and epic landscapes – background scenery to the fall of dynasties, the rise of emperors and the turning of the revolutionary wheel.

The Great Wall was started by the Qin Dynasty 2000 years ago. 10 years of labour by hundreds of thousands of workers laid the foundations for what we see today. During the Ming Dynasty (c1420) the project was revived for a further 100 years at the cost of many lives. What was once a symbol of tyranny being now the nation’s leading attraction, a landmark that has been quoted as being the only manmade structure visible from space.

This spectacular five-day trek is one not to be missed as we take challenging steps on this stunning structure, witnessing China’s fascinating culture, intriguing history and beautiful scenery.

To join us on this exciting adventure please email and for further details please see the forms below:


07 May 2022 - 15 May 2022



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Great Wall of China Trek 2022

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