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Velindre Tribute Fund

Creating a Velindre Tribute Fund is a simple, yet positive way of remembering a loved one whilst at the same time, in their name, helping to support the essential services provided by Velindre Cancer Centre.

In recent years, an increasing number of people have asked us about ways to remember someone special by making gifts in their name to Velindre Cancer Centre. Often, they are families whose loved ones have benefited from our care and support. Many have told us that in doing so, they have found a very positive and meaningful way to keep the name, memory and spirit of their loved one alive and that it helps them find a way through the often difficult grieving path.

With this in mind, we have established ‘Velindre Tribute Funds’. Each fund is personalised with the name of a loved one, e.g. ‘The Jane Jones Velindre Tribute Fund’.

Once set up, it can be added to in so many different ways, as often as you like and by as many people who choose to make a donation. Some people contribute to their fund on special days such as birthdays, at Christmas or on special anniversaries. Some may do fundraising events to honour that special person.

If you decide to set up a Velindre Tribute Fund, all the funds raised from any fundraising events can be paid into the fund and you will be taking on the challenge in memory or in tribute to the person who’s life you have chosen to celebrate.

How to set up a Velindre Tribute Fund

The easiest way to create a Velindre Tribute Fund is online using a website called It only takes a few minutes to set up and the page can be personalised as much or as little as you want. All monies raised get paid direct to Velindre and if the donor is a tax payer, Gift Aid is automatically added to the total. Donating on the page is easy and secure and donors can leave a message if they wish or remain completely anonymous. The person who creates the page will receive notifications each time a donation is made on the page and will receive the email addresses of the donors (if the donor wishes to leave their details).

To create your online Velindre Tribute fund go to and follow these simple steps:

Click on 'Make your page'
Choose 'Remembering somebody' by clicking 'in memory'.
Then complete the details of the person you are creating the Velindre Tribute Fund for.
Name your page - the link will appear as for your choice of page name. We recommend the name of the person you are setting up the fund for followed by Velindre Tribute Fund i.e. but this is entirely your choice and you can choose whatever you wish for the page name.
Once your page is created, you can then personalise it as much as you want including any photographs or video's.
Then you can send the link to people who may want to donate.

To donate, they just click on the link and they will be directed to the page where they can donate using a credit/debit card. Donors can also leave messages on the page.

Alternatively, if you would rather create a manual Velindre Tribute Fund, please download a Velindre Tribute Fund registration form and return it to us by email or post. If you have any difficulties downloading the form or you have any queries please contact us on 029 2031 6211 or email us and we will be happy to help you.

Comments from other Velindre Tribute Fund holders:

"I met my husband in 2000 and he had already been diagnosed with T-cell cutaneous lymphoma. Although he had this problem it never got in the way and he always enjoyed life. Velindre hospital treated my husband with great care and respect, often changing his routine for treatments around special events, weddings etc so we could still get on with our lives. They gave him an extra 7 years of life for which I will always be forever grateful. This enabled him to see his daughter grow up to the age of 10 so she will always remember her daddy. The doctors and nurses at Velindre became our friends during David's illness and I always trusted that they would always do their very best for us. I thought that a cancer hospital would be depressing but it wasn't; the childrens room was a great sanctury for us when he was having treatment because we could still go here and have some sense of normality and family life. Cancer is a wicked disease and needs to be beaten. If anybody who is reading this can spare any money, no matter how small, please give so other people and families do not have to suffer like others do. David has left a gaping hole in our lives. He was the most wonderful, brave husband and father, and wanted nothing more than to live and watch his precious daughter Chloe grow up. Advances in treatment could make this possible for other families so please support Velindre." Mrs Louise Edwards

"My wife Patricia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2004. She was treated by Dr Adams and his team at Velindre until her death in May 2007. During this time we found the staff at Velindre so caring and helpful that we were able to regard so many of them as friends. of course, it was a real blow when Patricia died but she wished to help all other people affected by cancer that she wanted to give to assist research into the disease." Mr Alan Whittaker

"Our wonderful, lovely sister Margaret was admitted to Velindre the week before Christmas having badly reacted to a dose of chemotherapy. The attention, not only to Margaret but to all the family, was excellent from all members of staff. When her condition became terminal, this care, love and attention changed to superb. As a family who loved her so much, we consider this Tribute Fund an absolutely wonderful way for us to say thank you and to never forget her love for us and our love for her, and the care she received." Ruth Honey

"When my sister Ann, only 45 years old, died from mesotheleoma, a deadly cancer from asbestos, I wanted a very special place for her to be at peace. We built a beautiful garden at the top of our land, and the foot of the mountain, in remembrance, 'Butterfly Garden'. To establish a Velindre Tribute Fund has been a way of doing something positive to keep us all remembering Ann, supporting an amazing place and helping others who suffered like my poor sister. Ann always supported cancer charities after we lost our grandmother from cancer, another reason to continue in her footsteps." Rhyan Parry

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