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Velindre is Wales' premier cancer centre providing treatment, care and support to patients and their families.

Money raised by our fundraisers allows us to support projects over and above those provided by the NHS including ground breaking research, specialist equipment, nurses and staff training.




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Fundraising Materials

We want your fundraising event or activity to be completely Velindre branded!
We have Velindre buckets, collection tins, balloons, banners, posters and sponsor forms available for your event.
If you are doing a bucket collection or bag packing we have Velindre tabards.
If you are taking part in a run \ sporting event we will provide a free running vest or t-shirt.
We also have additional Velindre merchandise available for sale.
If you are coming into the office to collect materials, please give us a few days notice to get your materials ready.

As soon as possible following your event please return all materials so others can use them and we minimise costs.

To protect you and Velindre from accusations of fraud, all sponsorships forms used and unused must be returned for auditing purposes.
  Please state how many you require of each and any additional notes including sizes.


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If you have a facebook page or a twitter account that you will be using for fundraising please add your page address or handle so that we can engage with you.


  I agree to donate all the proceeds from the above event to Velindre Cancer Centre Under no circumstances will I divert any money raised in this name to any other organisation or individual.
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