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Painting Raffle for Velindre

Sheridan Ward has chosen to raffle her wonderful painting of "Winter Study" and all money raised by ticket sales will be coming to Velindre Fundraising.  Sheridan previously raffled a piece in 2015 and raised almost £800 for Velindre!!

Sheridan has decide to raffle this particular painting "Winter Study" in loving memory of Kate Oswin.  This painting is from a photo taken whilst on the minibus travelling to celebrate Kate's 50th in December, a fantastic day with a wonderful group of ladies.

Each ticket costs £1 and you can buy as many as you wish.  The raffle will take place on Sunday 3rd June.

"Winter Study", oil on canvas, 20cm x 20cm (as shown below)

To enter this raffle, please visit Sheridan's Just Giving page.