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Light my tree pink 

Cancer Funds Action (CFA) are decorating the Mountain Ash tree at the side of Harrison's shop Market Street Ebbw Vale. It is in celebration of all those people who have experienced the horror of cancer and as it is October, Breast Cancer Month our tree will have Pink Lights all over.
The tree will be lit from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm every night from October 28th, when the clocks go back until March 21st when the clocks go forward again.
We, at CFA hope you will all see it as a beacon of Victory over cancer and if you or a loved one have been affected you may donate to CFA. All money raised will be passed to Velindre Pink Appeal to help treat patients in Wales.
We have a Crowdfunder page at:
You can also donate at: McCarthys Hair Salon Libanus Road
Shackletons Chemist. Beaufort
Sidoli's Cafe. Bethcar Street

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