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I Will Walk 500 Miles

Velindre Ambassador Tracey Davies has come up with this fantastic event concept, to not only raise money but to improve participants physical and mental wellbeing. From August 1st onwards, she challenges you to walk 500 Miles. Although this seems like a lot of mileage, anything is possible if we all come together to raise funds for this amazing hospital in these challenging times.

This event is fully inclusive to everyone of all ages and abilities, with no barriers even dogs !!! . We welcome anyone and everyone to come together to raise funds for an amazing hospital.

£20.00 per person to register; under 16's free.

The following should be considered when taking part in this event ensuring you make it fun for all those whom participate, just do your best that's all that matters;

1. You should only contribute to the total mileage if you have signed up for the event (unless under the age of 16 whom will enter with no charge).

2. Those whom have signed up as part of a team will contribute to the totals walked that make up the 500 miles. Just tot up your totals walked, mark it on the form provided until you reach your 500 miles.

3. Teams can consist of as many people as you would like and of any age and abilities.

4. Teams can consist of work colleagues, neighbours, friends, children, grandparents etc, etc. So get the whole street involved and come together to raise the funds.

5. You can add people onto the event at anytime throughout the challenge; they will just need to sign up.

6. Please wear your t shirts if possible when participating to advertise the event and the effort that you are all making.

7. When you sign up you will receive a T shirt, fundraising pack and mileage monitoring chart with Velindre stickers to mark each 100 miles completed.

8. On completing the event, you will receive a certificate and medal to mark the end your challenge.

9. Don`t forget to tot up your mileage with your fit bits or phones and pop the total on your mileage chart provided on sign up.

10. This is a walking challenge- no other form of transport will be permitted to build up the mileage for example your bike, scooter, roller blades etc. As we have stated, the event is fully inclusive and if you relay on a wheelchair or other walking aids, please feel free to use these as we would love you to have the opportunity to join in the event.

11. You are able to use a walking machine as the British weather is not reliable, but again only walking as this is not a running challenge.

12. It does not matter how long it takes you, finishing and achieving your goal is all that counts, just hang in there we are here to support you.

13. Please upload your photos, video`s and blogs onto the Face Book page; we would love to follow your journey and hopefully inspire patients at Velindre whom are going through treatment and staff whom are trying to keep everyone safe.

If possible we would like to join on a walk with some of you and do a short video to show the efforts that you are putting in. This will be arranged once the event has started.

14. You are under no obligation to raise extra funds; but if you would like to we would really appreciate it as every penny counts at this difficult time; we have a generic Just Giving Page (link will be emailed to you) and a sponsor form in your welcome pack (also e mailed on registration).

And lastly, please respect Social Distancing at all times, ensure you follow the Government Guidelines. The aim of the event is to get people together of all backgrounds to achieve the same goal; if some are struggling one week then another member of that team can pick them up, providing encouragement and support.

When you sign up, there are t-sizes for children; please only request one if they are to participate, thank you.

Good luck everyone, you are all amazing for signing up we really appreciate this massive effort and challenge that you are about to undertake.

Patients, family and staff at Velindre truly appreciate all you efforts and commitment to this event and raising funds; we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sign up below.