Leave a special message and help make
a difference to families with cancer this Christmas.

"I can’t imagine how tough it must be to tell your child you or a loved one has cancer so this year, I will be supporting Velindre’s ‘Caring For My Family With Cancer’ Christmas Appeal which is raising funds to provide parents and grandparents with unique books, toys and support to help explain cancer to children. Just £10 will fund one of these special books. Please join me and #DitchTheCards "

Sam Warburton

"I know that trying to explain cancer to children can be very stressful for everyone, the Caring For My Family with Cancer books and Lions are a huge help.

With the support of Velindre Specialist Nurses, your donation can make a huge difference to a family dealing with cancer this Christmas."

Jonathan Davies OBE, President Velindre

"I’m delighted to donate to this very special appeal and make a difference to families going through what must be the most difficult time in their lives. As a mother, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to tell your child you have cancer, so if my donation helps just one family that makes me feel just a little bit better"

Kylie McKee

"With love to all those affected by cancer and in memory of those who lost their battle.
Thank you to all of the staff at Velindre who supported my Mum through her treatment.
I'm delighted to donate to this very special appeal and make a difference to families that are going through such a difficult time.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Sarah O'Mahoney"

Sarah O'Mahoney

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"I would love people to see how happy it has made my Reggie. I think the idea is great and everyone involved deserves to see how well it is working.

Reggie goes to bed every night with his lions and I like to think they give him some comfort through everything that’s going on.

The book has been really helpful in explaining things to him as well, so thank you for that."

Sophie, Reggie’s Mum


The difference your donation could make

We know that many patients worry about talking to their children about their illness. That’s why we developed a series of award-winning books to help support parents and grandparents with a cancer diagnosis.

Each book comes with adult and baby lion toys, one for the patient and one for the child, so that they can both feel connected throughout the diagnosis and treatment.

£10 Gives a family their own children’s story book to help explain an adult’s cancer journey.
£25 Will pay for the adult and baby lion toys which accompany each book.
£100 Pays for a specialist nurse to show a patient and their family how to use the book and toys.


"Thank you for the opportunity to support such an amazing cause and be able to give a little to help those dealing with cancer this Christmas."

Cally Hamblyn

"It's a wonderful way to support families through a devastating time. Velindre staff are amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to support. "

Sylvia Cooper

"We are happy to ditch the cards and support this amazing charity. The love and dedication that has gone into producing this book and the continued support the book and lions give to families is invaluable. Ann and Phil."

Ann Tremlett

"Best wishes to all at this emotional time xxx"