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March 10th 2017 saw the first ever Wear Red for Wales and Velindre campaign, in which 84 Schools and business sporting Red T-shirts, baking Red cakes and taking part in a whole host of other Red related activities. 

The Wear Red for Wales and Velindre Campaign kicked off with a Video appeal from Velindre Fundraising President Jonathon Davies, which reached over 190,000 people during the course of the campaign, an unprecedented figure for our social media! The amount of people reached was thanks to the incredible support of our Facebook followers, who shared the post over 2,600 times, again resulting in exceptional figures.

The event which had the paint Wales Red strap line did exactly that, with Twitter and Facebook literally turning Red before work and school started that day. 

Over £20,000 was raised all together and the awareness the campaign brought to the work of Velindre Cancer Centre was immeasurable. 

After the incredible response of this years campaign, we are looking to do even better on February 2nd 2018 and with your help we know we can!

Please get in touch with us at info@velindrefundraising to get involved and please check out our latest video message from president Jonathon Davies OBE here:



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