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Charity Football match for Grandmother

A wonderful article in the Wales Online below - 

A grandmother with multiple cancers has received support from group of teenage boys who have fundraised in her honour.

Pupils in Year 10 and 11 at Whitchurch High School in Cardiff decided to hold a charity football match in aid of Patricia Leahy.

Patricia, whose grandson Ewan Reed goes to the school, is currently undergoing treatment at Velindre Cancer Centre.

She said she loves to watch Ewan referee the “beautiful game”.

A charity football match was held at Whitchurch High School in honour of grandmother Patricia Leahy who has multiple cancers. Here she's pictured with her grandson Ewan Reed
On Wednesday, June 29, the teenagers organised a charity game on the lower school astroturf.

Before the tie, a minute’s applause was held for everyone battling cancer.

Jaden Skeggs, one of the key organisers of the event, said: “Ewan has been my best friend since I was just three years old.

“To see him in such a sad place along with his family during this time of his nan’s illness was heartbreaking, and myself and friend Ethan knew we had to do something to help.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the huge support given from our community.

“With sponsors coming from companies in the village and with help from Velindre, we made this amazing event happen.

“At the end of the day, we’ve made a huge difference and given Patricia, Ewan and his family a day of happiness to look back on, which is exactly what we hoped for.”

A charity football match was held at Whitchurch High School in honour of grandmother Patricia Leahy who has multiple cancers
Patricia, who was well enough to attend the game, said it was a “wonderful experience” and praised the generosity of Ewan’s friends.

She added: “It’s a credit that my grandson has such wonderful friends who have supported him throughout this event.”

Melissa Haggett, from the fundraising arm of Velindre, said: “The boys have now raised over £500 and the love and support that was felt throughout the event by these young men was nothing short of amazing.

“They even presented Patricia with flowers and a signed ball at the end.

“I know there were lots of proud mums and dads on the night and rightly so.

“We are incredibly grateful to the boys for their support of Velindre’s fundraising.”

Velindre is the major provider of radiotherapy and other specialised anti-cancer treatments in Wales.

Donations to Velindre are used to fund things over and above what the NHS provides.

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